Sentencing Reports / Alternative Sentencing
Individual post or pre-sentencing studies, reports upon which to base a rational...
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The American Justice Institute is a private juvenile/criminal justice management and consulting firm established in 1986. It's principal and founder, Rex C. Smith has over thirty years experience in the juvenile and adult criminal justice system. The principles upon which the Institute was conceived are based on his studies in criminology and an array of leadership, management and operational experience in design, development and implementation of justice system programs and services.

Probation Plus
A program of intensive probation/parole supervision and monitoring coupled with coordination...
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A.J.I. Inc., seeks to introduce common sense, pragmatic and cost-effective approaches and solutions to the often very complex issues confronting those directly involved with the administration of justice at all levels in both the public and private sectors. Inventive, creative and innovative problem solving which is results oriented, leads to practical methodology and techniques that make sense and which maintain or enhance the integrity and credibility of the criminal justice system. Some of the key Programs and Services offered by the Institute include Probation Plus, Sentencing Reports, and Consulting and Case Management.


Juvenile/Criminal Justice Consulting
Direction, counseling, supervision and monitoring of individual offenders; initiation,...
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Editorials & Opinions
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The Institute has engaged in a myriad of management and consultant activities in the public and private sector; at the federal, state and local levels with courts, adult and juvenile corrections and community based programs, local jails, halfway houses, shelter care, home arrest/detention, boot camps, drug/alcohol treatment, pre and post trial supervised release, facility staff and program analysis, staff development and training.

A.J.I. Inc., has devoted significant attention to rational alternatives to *incarceration, "intermediate sanctions", that serve the interest of public safety, the community, the offender and the criminal justice system via punitive, deterrent and rehabilitative sanctions which hold the offender accountable and reduce the potential for recidivism.

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