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Criminal Justice Programs (Adult)

Jamaica (W.I.) Prison System

  • U.S. Department of State Feasibility study; assessment/recommendations as to renovation of existing prisons and/or construction of new-type, size, management
  • Alternatives to incarceration-, policy, protocols costs to reduce crowding.
Capital Care, Inc.-Washington, D.C. -
District of Columbia Dept. of Corrections
  • Management of inmate life skills, self-esteem, parole program.
  • Design, development, implementation of an electronic monitoring program for pretrial, intensive parole/probation supervision.
Prince George's County Maryland
  • Dept. Of Corrections Detention Center Study/recommendations regarding crowding; operations, management of pretrial release, work release, home detention, pre-release, drunk driving program, cost and effectiveness, policy and procedures.

Virginia Dept. of Public Safety-
Dept. of Corrections/Division of Probation

  • Sex offender intensive supervision program; procedure, staff training in use of new offender tracking technology for administration and two sites, Manasas, Newport News.
Virginia Department of Corrections-
Men's Diversion Center, Chesterfield
  • Work release and pre-release program; protocols for use and training of staff in electronic offender tracking system as adjunct to system of offender accountability.
Arlington Virginia Detention Center
  • Design of electronic monitoring program to expand, enhance the pretrial and work release programs to serve the court and deal with overcrowding.
Winchester Virginia Detention Center & Probation
  • Preparation of grant proposal to fund a private sector monitoring program.
Prince William County Virginia
  • Design/ implementation of modular, portable expanded detention center bed space with staffing patterns to accommodate population.
Dorchester County Maryland Detention Center
  • Construction specifications, utilization of modular buildings to temporarily replace current outdated county jail.
District of Columbia Department of Corrections
  • Assessment of perimeter security at facilities; electrcinic surveillance, security post analysis.
Maryland Dept. of Public Safety-
  • Division of Probation & Drunk Driver Program
    Policy development, training of staff', implementation, information system in use of ignition interlock devices/systems.
Calvert County Maryland Detention Center
  • Develop prototype, train staff for use of offender tracking technology in conduct of work release program.
Harford County Maryland Detention Center
  • Pretrial release program integration of offender tracking system to expand program; train staff in protocols.
Queen Anne's County Maryland Detention Center
  • Increase accountability of work release offenders at job sites via offender tracking system.
Kent County Maryland Detention Center
  • Establish offender tracking system, train staff in use of system for work release.
Montgomery County Maryland Department of Corrections- Pretrial Services
  • Expand level of offender accountability, use of program to reduce incarcerated pretrial offenders via introduction of monitoring system.
West Virginia Dept. Of Corrections-
Spencer Medium Security Facility
  • Design turn key package for renovation, private sector operation of a former institution for the mentally ill, in conjunction with local elected officials.
Maryland Department of Corrections-
Womens' Minimum Security Facility
  • Develop a private sector regional program for women as a pre-release, work release facility in Dorchester County to serve the Eastern Shore counties.
Monitoring Services, Inc.- Upper Marlboro Maryland (Private)
  • Home detention monitoring service; program development, operations, management protocols, service expansion, strategic planning and marketing.
Maryland Department Of Public Safety-Commission on Correctional Standards
  • Development of standards, regulations for Private Home Detention providers.
Alternative Sentencing Reports/Recommendations
(A Program of A.J.I. Inc.)
  • Comprehensive pre-sentence investigations, expert witness testimony for criminal or juvenile offenders at sentencing.
  • Parole hearing representation with reports/recommendations.
  • Over 300 such cases represented by the Institute in federal and state jurisdictions.

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