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Technology: Electronic Monitoring-
Offender Tracking systems

B.I. Home Escort, Incorporated-Boulder Colorado

  • Marketing representative to adult/juvenile correctional agencies.
  • Design of intensive probation supervision, home detention programs.
  • Management of system by a private sector monitoring agency (CCI, Inc.).
  • Expertise in other competitive electronic monitoring systems.

HI-tech Electronic Monitoring System

  • Application of system of passive monitoring to various correctional programs.
  • Operations management of system in private sector monitoring agency.

Norment/Voicetrack Offender Tracking System

  • Regional marketing representative for new generation technology.
  • Design, development of use and protocols for integration into corrections and probation supervision for adults and juveniles. (publications)
  • Consulting with various program officials of local, state and federal agencies regarding new methodology for holding offender accountable via offender tracking.
  • Construct of a "New Paradigm" for community based supervision.

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