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Professional Employment History

American Justice Institute, Inc.
Rex Smith founded the Institute in 1986. As president and CEO, administers and is the primary consultant for a myriad of programs and services devoted to the criminal and juvenile justice systems and related public and private sector agencies. The Institute provides both direct service programs and an array of consulting services to enhance the design, development, implementation, evaluation and effectiveness of crime and delinquency prevention, control and rehabilitative programs.

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
Appointed by the Governor as Director of the Department, responsible for statewide administration of the State's juvenile justice system; court services, intake, probation, aftercare, institutions, detention centers, shelter care, prevention and a myriad of community based public and private sector programs and services. Responsibilities involved representing the Department in all matters related to the State Legislature, the judiciary, gubernatorial or legislative commissions, state and federal elected or appointed officials and related agencies as well as the general public and the media.

Prior to appointment as director for a period of twelve years, serving the subsequent Governor as well; served in the Department from it's inception in 1967 as Regional Director of court and community services, Assistant Director of court and community services and Deputy Director of the Department for all department programs and as representative to the Legislature.

Capital Care Inc. of Washington, D.C.
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer of a private correctional services agency: project/programs administration and management of contracts with the D.C. Department of Corrections; Life Skills, Employment/Job Readiness and Parole Preparation. Operation of a full service Rome Detention/House Arrest Center program, under contract to public and private adult and juvenile correctional agencies; U.S. District Court Pretrial Services, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Illinois, and youth services in Maryland.

American Correctional Association
Commission on Correctional Standards and Accreditation; Program Manager for public and private agency juvenile accreditation; promulgating standards, developing contracts with agencies, providing for peer audits and awards of Accreditation for court services (intake, probation, aftercare), community based programs (group homes, shelter care) and facilities (detention, camps, training schools and special institutions).

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, D.C.
Assistant Director for administration of community programs under contract to the Departments of Human Services and Youth Services; shelter care, long term group homes, educational and treatment programs.

District of Columbia Department of Corrections
Senior Parole Officer - Correctional Treatment Specialist, for adult inmates sentenced the U.S. District and District of Columbia Superior Courts to the Lorton Reformatory and Youth Center. Provide individual criminal assessments, management of diagnostic and treatment team, case management, parole reports and recommendations to the U.S. Parole Commission.

Boys and Girls Homes of Montgomery County
Founder, Executive Director of private youth group homes and shelter care serving as the juvenile courts as alternatives to detention or institutionalization of delinquent offenders. Community mobilization, organization, private and public sector resource development, fund raising, grants, contracts, siting of homes, administration of facility programs.

National Committee for Children and Youth
Director of Counseling and Aftercare, for a special project, grant from the U.S. Department of Labor for young adult inmates sentenced to the Lorton Youth Center of the D.C. Department of Corrections. Providing for specific training in job skills, counseling, preparation for release under a release contract between inmate and the Department, post release supervision, counseling and employment placement. First in nation program to enlist federal agency VISTA volunteers in a correctional agency to provide such services.

District of Columbia Superior Court
Special Probation Officer, assigned to the Court's, Alcohol Treatment and Supervision Unit. Providing diagnosis, assessment, recommendations to court, counseling and treatment regimens for alcoholic offenders and/or those whose offense involved alcohol.

Montgomerv County Juvenile Court
Probation Officer; intake hearings, probation supervision, aftercare planning and supervision, group, family and individual counseling, diagnosis, assessment, social history and recommendations to court. Use of the court's clinical, psychological and psychiatric services, inter-agency resources for education, special residential and non-residential placements, drug and alcohol treatment, individual and family therapy. Coordination with the juvenile offender unit of local police department, school counselors, principals, teachers and pupil services/placement division personnel.

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