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General Criminal Justice &
Other Related Consulting

Montgomery County Maryland-
Office of the County Executive

  • Legislative initiative to create a new Department of Addictions, Victim and Mental Health Services, combining lower level administrations in separate departments.
  • Coordinate effort with key representatives and advocates for the affected service populations with the county Department of Human Services toward support and testimony before the County Council.

National Association of Community Action Agencies

  • Consultant to director of the Middle Atlantic regional office on matters dealing with children an youth and their families,- delinquency prevention strategies, grants, projects.

Fairbridge Youth Residential Treatment Center

  • Board of Advisors; planning, resource development and coordination.
  • Technical Assistance; operational management, staff selection-qualifications, training, security procedures, program evaluation,

Pacificorps, Inc.

  • Consultant for venture capital program; build-lease back program for juvenile and adult correctional facilities.

International Systems, Inc.

  • Consultant for space/use designs for adult/juvenile correctional facilities using modular prefabricated construction method.

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