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Global Positioning Systems

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  • It Has Arrived. It’s Small Enough-Cost-Effective-And It WORKS!

  • Satellite Surveillance 24/7  Watch Movements Every Ten Seconds 

  • Home Detention, Offender Supervision may never be the Same

  • Use Increasing for Serious/Repeat Offenders – Domestic Violence Offenders

Home Detention and Models of Intensive Probation/Parole Supervision of Offenders for many years have been advanced for the purposes of close scrutiny of offender activity upon release to the community in lieu of incarceration or as part of a split sentence to the ends of punishment and rehabilitation of the offender; accountability in the interests of public safety; as well as the potential for reduced reliance upon jails for non-violent offenders – as Alternatives to Incarceration.

For over two decades, “Electronic Monitoring” in various forms has been used to enhance offender supervision, the most prominent of which – Radio Frequency (RF) systems have been employed that simply track the times in and times out of the offender’s residence. Other hands-on, staff intensive methods attempted to account for all other times and activities; especially those set as conditions of release by the court or parole authority.  Given the thrust of New Age satellite technology of which the general public is generally aware, the several manufacturers of RF equipment/software have long seen the writing on the wall and have dedicated resources to develop a size-right and non cost-prohibitive Satellite technology for applications in the criminal justice field.

To date, just a couple of manufacturers have brought workable hardware equipment and concomitant software to the “marketplace” and others are in-waiting, some nearly at the ready. In just the past year or so, about 20 states or local jurisdictions have introduced routine or pilot programs utilizing GPS technology for moderate to high-risk offenders and at a cost per day little more than RF ankle bracelet electronic monitoring-begging the question; why not use GPS for all offender types?

It’s little wonder that initial use of GPS coupled with new age software has begun with serious, often repeat offenders; sex offenders and domestic violence offenders. The software accompanying satellite technology has the capacity not only to literally “track” the movements of the offender, mapping from large distances to inner city streets and alleyways, and with a visible mapping spot every ten to 30 seconds (depending on the manufacturer); it also can set up specific ZONES. These Zones are commonly referred to as either an INTRUSION zone or an EXCLUSION zone; up to 20 of which can be set for an offender as a concentric circle from several feet to hundreds of feet or miles.

An Exclusion Zone may refer to an area around a school(s) or domicile(s) within which the offender is considered in Violation, i.e., the domicile of the domestic violence victim(s) or schools and playgrounds for children, given a pedophile sex offender. An Inclusion Zone refers to a like area but usually far smaller (a specific street address); an area or place where the offender is required to be, i.e., work, school, treatment, probation office, etc. at a given time and day of the week – no more guesswork whether or not the offender attended required A.A. or other such conditions of probation, voluntary treatment or other activities.

Little doubt is left that “Big Brother” can and may be watching an offender’s every move.

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