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Juvenile Justice Programs

Virginia Department of Youth Services-
Institutional Learning Centers

  • Study, report/recommendations regarding the seven institutions; administration, management, operations, staffing patterns/types, training, policy, procedures, budget and relation to courts and local probation services.
District of Columbia Youth Services Administration
  • Institutional program management/operations-, security, policy, staffing, new program design for alternative electronic monitoring supervision for aftercare.
Broward County Florida Juvenile Court Services
  • Planning, implementation of alternatives to reduce crowding of detention center.
  • Technical assistance to Advisory Board.
  • Design of Alternative Day Treatment Center.
Mobile Alabama Juvenile Court-
Boot Camp Project (Environmental)
  • Development of proposal to U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice for a midel boot Camp for juveniles in conjunction with Alabama University and the Boys' and Girls' Club of America local program. Program funded-one of 40 submitted to the Office.
Maryland Dept. of Juvenile Services-
Project Crossroads Detention Alternative
  • Grant proposal for a model project to reduce crowding of detention facility for Baltimore City via Governors' Juvenile Justice Advisory Board; award of federal funding to the Boys' and Girls' Club of Maryland to operate.
  • Implementation; organization, operations, policy, procedures, staff training, site procurement with ongoing consulting over three years.
Shelby County (Memphis) Tennessee-
Juvenile Hall (Detention/Courthouse)
  • Assessment/recommendations (architecture-program) of current facility and/or building of new and with regard to varied populations served-delinquents, abused and neglected children.
Prince George's County Maryland Juvenile Court-
Project "Take Charge"
  • Grant proposal, funding for a model Afro-centric, pride and self-esteem based project for youth released to probation supervision.
  • Development, implementation of policy, procedures, operations management in relation to probation staff, court, prosecutors and defense counsel.
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
  • Analysis of the Division of Youth Services as an agency of the Department of Corrections in consideration of establishing a separate Department of Juvenile Services; personnel, management budget, relation to local courts/detention.
  • Legislative initiative with judiciary, judges, state administrators.
Boys' and Girls' Club of Greater Washington, D.C.-
Group Homes/Shelter Care.
  • Management, operations, program development of group homes of the Club under contract with the District of Columbia Department of Human Services.
  • Development of program, staffing, training for emergency shelter care, group home alternative to detention and an unwed mothers' group home program.
The American Correctional Association -
Standards and Accreditation
  • Direct service contract to develop, coordinate applications and monitor completion of standards required of juvenile justice institutional, probation and community based programs to receive national accreditation.
The Breakthrough Foundation -
National Youth at Risk Program-California
  • Program operations associated with introduction to juvenile justice systems.
  • Implementation of project model for the District of Columbia Youth Services.
Boys' and Girls' Homes of Montgomery County Maryland-Group/Shelter Care
  • Contract with Montgomery County Department of Family Resources.
  • Analysis of management, fiscal resources, staffing, training.
  • Action plan for management of critical issues-, referrals, retention, stabilization of finances, program modifications and future direction.
Baton Rouge Louisiana Group Home/Shelter Care
  • Contract with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services for direct technical assistance regarding management, operations, function and future of program in relation to state juvenile justice agency, the courts and the community.
  • Strategic planning with Board of Directors, Executive Director and staff.
Bowling Brook Home for Boys-Maryland
  • Assessment of existing program-, relationship to state juvenile justice agency.
  • New, expanded facility design, program planning, staffing requirement.
  • Strategic planning with Board and Director; marketing, resource development.
New Dominion Youth Center (Long term residential)-
Maryland and Virginia
  • Program management, policies, personnel, budgeting, facility requirements.
  • Plan for establishing new program sites.
Maryland DJJ-Prince George's County Juvenile Court-Project "New Deal"
  • Design grant proposal, federal/state funded intensive probation, treatment program for youth convicted of drug dealing operated by Comprehensive Alcohol, Drug Counseling Services, Inc.
  • Coordinate and train staff of private clinic and local probation staff.
Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice-
Intensive Probation/Parole Services
  • Implementation, policy, staff training in use of o'.,ender tracking technology.
  • Monitor program, evaluate effectiveness of application of new system.
Rebound, Inc.-Virginia Boot Camp
  • Establish procedures, train staff for intensive statewide aftercare services.
Boseman Montana-Gallitin County
Youth Shelter Care Home
  • Analysis of program management, staffing, financial status, resources.
  • Strategic plan with County Commissioners and state level administrators.
Boys' and Girls' Club of Maryland
  • Establish the original organization-, Board of Directors, community relations with United Way, elected officials, community leaders in private industry and professional athletes.
  • Organizational development, siting of Flag House Courts, other federal housing projects for clubs, staffing, training and work with the national organization.
Trancare, Inc. of Baltimore Maryland-
Youth Emergency Shelter Care
  • Financial crises management resolution, effecting sound financial practices.
  • Strategic planning; business plan, personnel policies, staffing and program.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-
Office of Families and Children
  • Technical Assistance to Runaway Youth Program for dealing with substance abusing youth in shelter, group homes.
  • Grants review for the Department for federal funding of special youth initiatives.
Maryland Sheriff's Youth Ranch
  • Develop comprehensive plan with Board for program and use of facility, population, staffing, financial resources, contracts, public relations.
  • Analysis of budget, recapitulation of negative income/expenses, prepare annual budget for ensuing years.
  • Negotiate contract with Department of Social Services-, increased daily rate.
Boys' and Girls' Club of America-
National Headquarters
  • Juvenile justice programs integration into services operated by local clubs.
  • Resource development, financial assistance via corporate sponsors.

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