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Organizational Development

  • Maryland Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • National Center on Violence and Extremism
  • Maryland Interagency Council for Placement of Handicapped Children
  • Corporate Executive Council - Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Professional Athletes Council - Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Montgomery County Department of Addictions, Victims, Mental Health
  • Boys and Girls Homes of Montgomery County
  • Victim Services and Hot Line of Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Municipality Inner Beltway Delinquency Prevention Program
  • Statewide Community Based System of Alternatives to Institutionalization
  • De-institutionalization of non-delinquent court adjudicated youth
  • Volunteer Services System - Foster Grandparent Program
  • Court Intake Diversion Program - System of Youth Service Bureaus
  • Purchase of Care/Services Negotiated Rate System
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Maryland
  • State Agency Budgeting Strategy - Expenditure Management Plan
  • Maryland Showcase of Juvenile and Youth Services Programs
  • Statewide Intensive Aftercare, Community Supervision of
    Delinquent Youth
  • Maryland Association of Residential Facilities for Youth
  • Child Advocate/Ombudsman Program in Juvenile Institutions
  • Intake Drug/Alcohol Screening of Youth Referred to Juvenile Court
  • Maryland Association of Home Detention Agencies
  • Maryland Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs/Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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