Pre-Sentence Investigations

     "Alternative Sentencing"

     Sample Sentencing Reports

Pre-Sentence Investigations
In The Interests of Defense Counsel, Defendant and the Court

Why A Private Pre-Sentence Investigation ?

  • Professional credibility established with judiciary history of successful outcomes over 20 years
  • Hundreds of comprehensive personal history studies
  • Third party expert witness reports & testimony
  • Experience: 44 years in criminal and juvenile justice systems
  • Realistic / workable individualized recommendations
  • Implementation of court-ordered recommendations
  • Pre & post sentence case management / supervision
  • Community-based alternative sanctions
  • State & Federal sentencing guidelines
  • Public & private sector rehab programs / access and The Institute's Private Intensive "Probation Plus" Supervision Program
  • Traditional One-on-One , daily personal supervision, counseling and resource referrals.

Comprehensive Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports

  • In depth interviews with every relevant party / reference
  • Cogent, realistic sentencing recommendations
  • Implementation of recommendations prior to sentencing
  • Expert witness testimony to reports and recommendations
  • Psychiatric, psychological, drug, alcohol, educated assessments
  • Coordination with probation agency PSI reports
  • Analysis, applicability of state sentencing guidelines
  • Federal sentencing guidelines expertise, applicable case law
  • Juvenile case waiver, reverse waiver studies / reports.


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