Pre-Sentence Investigations

     "Alternative Sentencing"

     Sample Sentencing Reports

In The Interests of Defense Counsel, Defendant and the Court

A Full Service Program of the Institute
Client Oriented Pre-Sentence Investigations

  • Comprehensive Client History
  • Individual Assessment and Recommendations
  • Expert Witness Testimony

These Reports are Critical Before and At Times of:

  • First Sentencing Hearing
  • Reconsideration of Sentence Hearings
  • Parole Hearings (Pre-Trial Release - Appeals - Violation of Probation)

Sentencing is at the crux of the criminal justice system; perhaps the most crucial role of defense counsel from the very outset; from initial contact and discussions with the defendant, to pre-trial plea negotiations/agreements, trial, conviction and sentencing.

Our involvement upon engagement encompasses a case management role as a part of and beyond the conduct of the study and report itself. We may advise of and arrange for any necessary outside professional assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, therapy or counseling, i.e., substance abuse, psychiatric, psychological, residential programs, educational, employment, family or other special needs.

The case management role, considerate of an anticipated sentence, provides prior arrangements for immediate implementation of the sentencing recommendations and in some cases prior to the sentence as may be deemed appropriate, i.e., home detention or intensive supervision via electronic monitoring, community service, residential or community based treatment/counseling and restitution.

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